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JR Droshipping Program

In A Few Words

JungleRover’s Dropshipping Program aims for clear goals:

Connect our client's store to a reliable product sourcing provider.

Establish a minimum goal of 25% profit per sale for sustainable and progressive income growth.

Guarantee our client's store health by implementing the best and most advanced practices on Walmart Marketplace.

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Why JungleRover

Why JungleRover

Instead Of A Random Virtual Assistant?

Dropshipping is the most attractive business model to implement in a marketplace store. You search for potentially profitable items; then, you list them in your store without the need to buy them directly or store them in a warehouse. It is the perfect way to create a store with little overhead and no product fees!

Dropshipping is the ideal way to create income with minimal effort. However, the successful implementation of this e-commerce avenue is another story. We have heard many customers and professionals explaining how difficult it is not to get your store suspended when dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace. Most of them have lost their valuable stores due to problems within the dropshipping practices.

We at JungleRover, have established a roadmap that allows us to implement dropshipping programs at the minimum risk and in the most profitable way. It took us some time and a lot of research to successfully find the best dropship strategy on Walmart Marketplace!

Walmart Marketplace Analytics
Statistics of Walmart Marketplace
User Retention

Service Breakdown

Our unique Dropshipping Program will take your eCommerce business to the next level. Our team handles the most difficult tasks and establishes a secure route to implement our vision. JungleRover’s professional team will execute our unique roadmap and create your e-commerce business from scratch. Our services include:

Product research

Our products research experts aim for the cheese. Profit margins around 20% - 40% and high rotating products.

Inventory management

Our listings will delight your costumers. Our team is able to optimize products' titles, descriptions, pictures and keywords.

Order fulfillment

Someone needs to acknowledge, process and ship the order. Guest what? Our team of professional will take care of that.

Costumer support management

As every winning eCommerce store, JungleRover will keep a healthy and professional level of customer support.

Monthly sales breakdown report

We will provide your custom sales breakdown report, that will allow you to X-ray your operation.

Sales and Finances Data Forecast

We will become your allies and we are interested in your growth, for that reason, we provide additional data to make sure we can financially plan your growth.


All it Takes to Start a Dropshipping Avenue is This Formula! Own a Walmart store + Credit Card + $3500 – $5000 minimum credit budget to start.

The highlighted budge is to process and place orders from

IMPORTANT: It is important to have credit and funds
availability since sales will eventually ramp up and your
store will require more funds to keep up with the growth.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data Forecast

JungleRover’s Budgets and Finances Forecast objectives: 

Provide valuable data to understand JungleRover's Budgets brackets.

Establish a mark of profitability for our client. The client will have an approximate time frame when their business will start being profitable.

Establish the goals of budgeting to reach the next sales bracket.

You will know exactly what your next move should be.

You will know exactly what your next move should be.

Reasons To Join Walmart.com

Walmart eCommerce Consulting Agency

Profit Margins

When you start selling on Walmart through our Dropshipping Program you will start noticing something, the profit margins. The profit margins are between 25% - 45%. It is truly a great opportunity to sell on Walmart's online marketplace.

Low Competition

Walmart is well-known for a particular aspect, its curated community of sellers. Due to Walmart's exclusive nature you will face low competition friction and as a result more sales will be generated for your store!

Friendly Fees

Walmart charges not setup or monthly fees but instead a simple and straightforward 15% referral fee for each sale you make. Some product categories have an even lower referral fee!