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JungleRover is a proven solution and E-Commerce Consulting Agency. If you want to JOIN Walmart Marketplace but also SUCCEED as one of their successful sellers, you have come to the right place to get started!

Walmart eCommerce Consulting
JungleRover eCommerce consulting agency
Walmart eCommerce Consulting
Walmart eCommerce Consulting
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JungleRover is certainly The Smarter Way To Join Walmart
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JungleRover is certainly

The Smarter Way To Join Walmart.com

Walmart Marketplace is a curated community of sellers hand-selected by Walmart’s internet selling team. Think about Walmart Marketplace as a private party that chooses the best and most sought-after sellers. Only those who can introduce themselves as important and valuable members will be able to get invited to start selling on the platform.

To get started, business owners opt-in for JungleRover’s consulting services. We not only significantly reduce their risk of being rejected but to avoid spending valuable time on complex tasks that may fail and not ensure acceptance to the platform.

To ensure success, you need guidance to build up your business profile in a way that captures Walmart’s attention.

Luckily, JungleRover is here for you.

Luckily, JungleRover is here for you.

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Walmart eCommerce Consulting Agency

Our Roadmap​


Business audit

Everything starts with our business audit. We determine your weaknesses and business inconsistencies and help create a plan to ensure your success and acceptance as a Wal-Mart partner.

Strategy ​

After determining where your business requires assistance, we establish a plan of action with the strategies that will allow us to present your brand to Walmart.com for approval.



We start implementing necessary assets to level up your business profile, fix your weaknesses, and boost your brand.



After we have acquired all the necessary assets and created a better image for your business, we proceed to apply to Walmart Marketplace so you can become a new seller on the Walmart platform!


Walmart eCommerce Consulting Agency
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Do You Already Own a Walmart Store?

Our unique dropshipping program will take your eCommerce business to the next level. Our team handles the most difficult tasks and establishes a secure route to implement our vision. JungleRover’s professional team will execute our unique roadmap and create your eCommerce business from scratch. Our service includes:

Product research

Our product research experts aim for the most profitable items. ROI around 25% - 45% and high rotating products.

Inventory management

Our listings will delight your customers. Our team optimizes product titles, descriptions, pictures, and keywords.

Order fulfillment

Someone needs to acknowledge, process, and ship the order. Our team of professionals will take care of order fulfillment.

Costumer support management

As every winning eCommerce store, JungleRover will keep a healthy and professional level of customer support.

Monthly sales breakdown report

We will provide your custom sales breakdown report that allows you to analyze your operation.

Sales and Finances Data Forecast

We will become your allies and are interested in your growth! For this reason, we provide additional data to make sure we can ensure your success far into the future!

Walmart eCommerce Consulting Agency

We Created Awesome Projects

Walmart eCommerce Consulting Agency

A Quick Glance At

Our Services

Step By Step Guides​

Step By Step Guides​

Our guide covers how to build a professional business profile, the tools involved, and common mistakes to avoid when preparing to apply to Walmart Marketplace.

Consulting Services​

Consulting Services​

Time is gold, and experience is invaluable. Let our experts handle the entire process to get invited to Walmart.com and get your store ready to start selling.

Dropshipping Program

Dropshipping Program

We have a unique DS Program. Our program is the most secure to implement to keep your account up and running and the most profitable for our clients. Reach us out for more information.

We Offer

A Custom Service For Your Expanding Business

If you do not have the time or the experience to get your business accepted on Walmart Marketplace, do not worry! JungleRover will do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your daily business activities. We handle the entire process until you receive your Walmart Store approval. Additionally, if you already own a Walmart Marketplace store but have limited success, you have come to the right place.

  • Hassle Free Experience
  • Private Account Manager
  • Exclusive Communication Channel


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